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Mobile Devices Registration System

Mobile Devices Registration System, adoption of which is carried out nowadays in many countries around the world, intends creation of a common database containing information about the IMEI-codes of all functioning in and imported to Azerbaijan cell phones in order to effectively combat illegal entry and theft of mobile phones, as well as cloning of IMEI-codes. The project started to be developed by order of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the framework of "Integrated Action Plan against the dissemination of misleading information on Terrorism". GSM-operators, as well as Ministries and state departments, were involved in its implementation: the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the State Customs Committee, the State Committee on Standardization, Metrology, and Patents, and others.

We are proud of the fact that the development of a system of such scale was entrusted to us – RCom Company. Our analysts and developers as part of the government delegation visited the Information Technology Organization (BTK) in Ankara, where they got acquainted with the experience of Turkish colleagues. As a solution, we have developed a software-hardware complex called Mobile Devices Registration System, endowed with a variety of user interfaces, analytical and statistical modules. During the development process a number of advanced technologies based on Oracle, JBoss, Red Hat, etc. had been used. Today, the system is successfully operating, meeting the customer’s expectations, and proving the quality of the proposed solution.