In this section, you will find the general description of our “ready for use” solutions. Contact us in order to get detailed information or to request product demonstration.

FOMS - Food Order Management System

This system is designed to receive orders by call center operators and transfer them directly to a cafe or restaurant.
The system consists of 3 panels:


  • Panel for call center operator
  • Panel for restaurant
  • Admin panel

Panel for call center operator allows you to receive orders from several cafes or restaurants at the same time. The menu with prices is entered into the system beforehand. The operator accepting an order through the system selects the dishes from the menu, after that the system automatically calculates the price of the order and delivery.
The panel for the restaurant notifies the restaurant managers of the orders received by the corresponding sound notification. The task of the restaurant manager is to accept or cancel an order. The call center operator will be notified about the acceptance or canceled orders.
Admin panel. This panel is provided to administrators of cafes or restaurants. In this panel, they can add the required number of branches, coordinate their work, add a menu, and make changes to it.