BMS development

As is known, Building Managements Systems (BMS) are meant for automation of engineering systems such as:

  1. Lighting;
  2. Ventilation and air conditioning;
  3. Heating;
  4. Fire-extinguishing;
  5. Power-supply;
  6. Water-supply;
  7. Access control and security.

BMS is a relatively new phenomenon in our country; the necessity is caused by increase of numbers of large buildings, which require efficient use of energy resources and accurate use of engineering systems. Both of these tasks can be easily solved by implementing BMS.

Basing on sensor readings, BMS automatically responds to changes of environmental parameters and thus ensures that the required parameters continually match predetermined values. Energy use efficiency improvement reduces utility’s costs and thus BMS costs recover is achieved as a result.

Also, due to its monitoring function and programmable scenarios, BMS allows to detect and resolve occurring technical incidents much faster. This ensures higher level of security, simplifies decision making, removes the need to maintain large quantity of technical personnel.

BMS creates comfort in the building and this is considered to be its additional advantage.

The following points provide insight into our level of competency in development of BMS systems:

  • We are certified partners of KNX Association and develop systems on the basis of this one of the main BMS platforms which meet standard international requirements.
  • At the present time, we are working on achieving qualification in DALI, Modbus, ZigBee, Z-Wave technologies/protocols.
  • For ease of use, we provide each customer a user interface which has been developed for his particular BMS along with BMS itself. Due to such interface-software, which can be installed not only on PC but mobile devices (such as smartphone and tablets) as well, the management of BMS becomes an easy task. (We develop interfaces on the basis of Iridium platform).

As for our experience in the field of BMS development, it is enough to say that the BMS which manages lighting, ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems of Baku Crystal Hall building was successfully developed and implemented by our company.