What is Infocell?

Infocell service is a type of mobile value-added service that provides data services to users through SMS or other mobile messaging channels. These services typically include news, weather updates, sports scores, stock updates, and other types of information of interest to mobile phone users.

Infocell services are often provided by mobile network operators or third-party service providers. Users usually subscribe to these services by sending a keyword or code via SMS to a designated short number. After subscribing, users receive regular updates and information via SMS or other messaging channels.

Infocell services are popular because they provide users with fast and convenient access to information while on the go. They are also useful for businesses that want to reach mobile phone users with targeted advertising or promotional messages.

However, it is important to note that infocell services may come with additional charges such as subscription charges or premium SMS charges. Users should carefully review the terms and conditions of any infocell service before subscribing to ensure they understand the charges and how they can opt out of the service if they wish.