We use innovative approaches to reach excellence of our products

Our history

Our first projects related to planning and building It-infrastructures for medium-sized businesses. Nevertheless, the desire to find our own unique business segment and the demand for new challenges and new heights stimulated our young and initiative team to start realizing projects of completely different fields and scales, systematically enlarging our personnel qualification areas, conducting research and development works.

We are one of the first developers of Mobile Devices Registration System in the world.

Due to all of these, we increased our portfolio, developed our product line, defined the scope of our services, and at the same time acquired recognition. Nevertheless, the most valuable attainments for us were multidisciplinary technical skills and experience in leading large-scale projects. Due to these, our services are in demand at the present day and we feel confident about the future too.

We are the only local ACS services provider that combines Siemens, Sauter and Johnson Controls partnership.

years of


ideas and

We are the first content provider for Mobile Network Operators in Azerbaijan.

Today our activities are focused on improving the development of Automated Control Systems, software, VAS services and communications. The main goal is not only to improve the quality of services provided, but also to minimize the costs of our customers, bring innovation approaches. The success of our team is directly determined by the complementary skills, knowledge and qualifications of professionals.