VAS and Communication Services

VAS_services1.    Bulk SMS – SMS-notification service for informational and advertising purposes. A convenient, prompt, and reliable way of communication between the company and the client.

2.    IVR (Interactive Voice Response) recording. IVR is a service that plays voice messages and processes calls using various scripts. We provide records in 3 languages (AZ, EN, RU) in accordance with the customer's technical requirements.

3.    Call Center service:

  • Outsourcing call center service
  • Telesales and Telemarketing

Outsourcing call-center service
      If you consider setting up a Call Center and owning it a burden, you can use our Outsourcing Call Center service. Thanks to this, you will significantly save your time and financial resources, while receiving a call center with qualified staff.

Telesales and Telemarketing
     Sale of goods through a contact center, including technical infrastructure, hotline, information support, and customer communication management system. If you want to better know the needs of your customers, build or correct the customer base (considering the demographic and behavioral data of customers), retain your customers, increase sales and increase the profit of your company - use Telesales and Telemarketing services to grow your business!     

4.    Call Signature
Join the "Call Signature" service and add your exclusive signature for outgoing calls.
The service allows you to sign each outgoing call.
So, you provide information about yourself or your business to the people you call.
You can also write your message, your thoughts to the person you are calling using “Call Signature”.

5. ZengimCELL

Zengimcell service enables Azercell subscribers to replace the standard and boring call ringtone with a piece of their favorite music.
It has always been very easy for Azercell subscribers to diversify the sound of a regular call. From now on, service subscribers will be able to download an unlimited number of Zengimcell tracks for free during the subscription period!
You can subscribe to the service by sending the Zengimcell code to the short number "6070". You can see all the music tracks and get their codes on the site shown below:

Corporate ZengimCELL recording is a service that allows you to install a corporate melody or other useful information on the phones of company employees instead of the usual waiting beeps. Corporate ZengimCELL helps to bring news about your company's products and services to potential customers, as well as advertise the brand in general.   

5.    InfoCELL applet

Through the InfoCELL service, you can get the daily news, weather forecasts, exchange rates, airline flight schedules, domestic and long-distance train timetables, information about salah times, discounts, theater and movie posters, various types of horoscopes, and a lot of other useful information on your mobile phone. 
To do this, just select the appropriate category in the InfoCELL menu on your phone. On widespread devices with Android OS, the InfoCELL menu is offered in the Azercell folder. On iOS devices, users can find the InfoCELL menu in Settings-> Phone-> Sim Applications.