Aramis is a workforce management and accreditation software. We have developed this web-based solution as a universal tool for different sports, exhibitions, concerts, and other entertainment events. User-friendly interface, optimized search engine, export, and import features bring the product additional efficiency. Technologies that were used, flexible interface, high availability of technical support staff make ARAMIS easily adaptable to customer requirements, and applied work procedures.

Main features

Aramis accreditation and workforce management system consists of the following six modules, which cover the entire lifecycle of workforce management.


The module enables inviting volunteers for interviews by automated SMS-sending, taking interviews on the basis of the predefined questionnaires, and registering the results of interviews.


The module enables volunteers who have passed registration at a dedicated internet-page of the event to fill in an application form and select the date for an upcoming interview.


The module enables scheduling training, inviting volunteers to training and registering their confirmations, keeping a record of attendance.

Scheduling and Rostering

The module enables scheduling tasks for each date and venue of the event, rostering volunteers according to the above-mentioned schedules.

Accreditation and Uniform

The module enables granting different access levels and privileges for personnel (staff members, volunteers, contractors, etc.) and managing uniform distribution.

Check-in and Reporting

The module enables controlling check-in points according to rostering tables, calculating the required meals for personnel, and generating corresponding reports.

Success stories

Aramis was succesfully implemented on the following events:

  • EYOF 2019
  • Baku City Circuit — Formula 1 Grand Prix of Azerbaijan 2016–2019
  • International Music Festival “Жара”, 2017–2019
  • Child Music Festival “Зима”
  • Philipp Kirkorov’s Concert Show “Я”
  • Aygun Kazimova’s Concert Show
  • Nikolay Baskov’s Concert Show — “Игра”

Want to know more?

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